Meet Our Staff...

Meet Cindy Crable! Cindy has been dancing for all of her life.  Cindy Crable opened her doors in her younger years and has grown her business since then.  Cindy has always loved dancing and opening her own dance studio has always been her dream.  Cindy's favorite genre of dance  is tap, although she enjoys every type of dance style.  Cindy has 3 children and enjoys spending her days off at her cabin in Bemidji and with her husband and grandchildren.  Cindy wants nothing but the best for all of her dancers and is supportive of them in every way.  

Meet Maddie Stegenga!  Maddie organizes events for Spotlight dance as well teaches classes.  Cindy & Maddie have been co-running the studio for the last 3 years and enjoy every minute of it. Maddie has been dancing at Spotlight Dance since she was 3 years old.   Maddie attended Luverne High School and graduated from The University of South Dakota in 2018.  Her favorite part of teaching is to show dancers the love of dance in hopes that they enjoy it just as much as she does.  In her spare time, Maddie loves to spend time with her family, travel, and read.

Meet Meghan Wittie! Meghan started dancing in 3rd grade and has loved it ever since.  She says she keeps dancing because it was her way to just drift away from reality and join the dream of dancing.  Meghan is now a senior and in her free time she enjoys gymnastics, dancing and hanging out with her friends and family.