Spotlight Dance offers a variety of classes from hip-hop to ballet.  Students will learn techniques and a dance routine in every class while having fun and making friends along the way.  


Choreography (Core Class)

Choreography is a very student-centered class; this class focuses on students making their own dance with a group of 2 or 3 dancers of their choice.  With guidance and techniques being taught along the way.  For dancers of all ages excluding preschool.


Hip-Hop (Core Class)

This hip hop class is for dancers of all ages.  Throughout the year dancers will learn different hip hop moves and techniques all while making a dance to show at the year-end dance recital.


Technique (Core Class)

Dancers enrolled in technique class focus on the important techniques of dance.  This class with help dancers in their other classes become more balanced, flexible, and focused.  For dancers of all ages. 


Tap (Core Class)

This class is designed to teach dancers the art of tap dancing.  This class meets once a week for 45 minutes.  Students create a tap routine to a fun song which they will perform at recitals and community events.


Core Class

This is the most popular class and also the most recommended for every dancer.  These classes are designed for dancers ages Kindergarten through 12th grade.  Throughout the year, dancers will learn many different techniques to two different genres of dance.  The dancers will finish two dance routines throughout the year.  They will perform these routines at the recitals, competition and community events. (Grades Kindergarten+)


Preschool Core Class

This class is for dancers in preschool and below.  This class teaches the youngest of dancers the very basics of dance focusing on flexibility and the simplest of dance techniques. 


Inspirational/Ballet (Core Class)

This class is designed for dancers who love to dance for Jesus.  This group of dancers will travel to different churches in the area throughout the year to show off their routine.  This class will practice once a week for 45 minutes. Open to all kids ages 1st grade and up.




*Specific Class Schedules are not posted online to respect the confidentiality of dancers*

Please contact Maddie at (507)-227-6110 or for more information on specific times and classes!